Make Video AVOD

AVOD is ad based model which enables you to generate revenue through running ads on the video content of website. Our team has crafted this option at frontier of knowledge by setting to make all the content of system on single by default method.

How to setup Advertisement / YouTube Premium Model

Admin user can go to settings and make any video AVOD.

One can select the AVOD subsription model and all the content will be on this model.

There is an option to set other monetization methods for any specific videos by going to Manage Videos/Content, then actions, and editing any video. You will see there the default monetization model and you have to select Override default to apply other than the default model for the monetization. If AVOD is select as the default method, then you can only keep the combination of SVOD + TVOD because we don't have to let the premium subscribed users watch Ads.

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