Language Settings

Language settings are located in the settings section Settings > Language Settings

You can manage default and available languages, edit languages packs, phrases and generate new language packs in this menu.

Adding New Language

1) There will be one default language that you will not be able to delete or do any modifications to it. (ENGLISH )

2) Now, on the top right corner of the section, you will see the Add New Language button.

3) Click on the Add New Language, then a modal box will open as a following:

4) Then select the language from the dropdown you want to add.

5) Click on generate packs to generate your pack and add your language.

6) Then your language will be added to the list below

Manage Language Phrases

1) Click on the Actions dropdown in the Languages Table

2) In the dropdown you will see the manage phrases, you can manage and add new phrases from this section

3) Click Add Phrase Code and choose the language it should already selected but u can also change it from here add the text of the phrase code u want to display and tell the usage that where the phrase will be used frontend or backend and if its rtl or not

4) Click on add phrase

Here you will be able to manage all the phrases.

Recreating the Pack

1) Once you have added all the phrases, you will recreate the pack to update all the phrases to the pack from here

2) You can recreate phrases from the pack and add them to the database

3) And u can perform activate deactivate features from the toggle button and it will be removed from dropdown.

4) You can delete the language too and you can also export the file of the language to your computer.

5) You have to make one language default of your language

6) First default language will be English

7) Then for content toggle, if you want that language to be in your content too you can turn on and it will be in edit video, edit series, and edit pages as Translations

You can add title and description in that language for series too and for pages the name of the page and the content of that page

On Frontend, you can change the language for the front end and the language you have chosen default will be in admin area and yes the content titles etc if the title will be inserted with that translation will be shown otherwise it will be shown in default language for example the default tile in English

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