Manage Content Categories

Segmentation of content in different Genres

Creating categories to differentiate the content based on its nature with unique order and name. Users can create new categories from the admin panel, and are able to set it as default, publish on Navbar, Featured, unfeatured, or delete, etc. A category may be managed as separate or under the parent category. A thumb may be applied to each category as well a description can be written. A category can also be set as a trailer category so the videos on this category may be assigned with the trailers.

Describing the content nature is best to stimulate the interest of the audience as well as they can jump quickly to the relevant content of their choice on the front end

From here, the admin user can create, edit, and manage, and delete the video categories.

How to Manage the Sequence/Order of Content Categories

Vodlix is flexible in terms of managing the sequence of the content categories. To manage the order of the category, Go to Content Categories under Content Management, there you will see a box with a title of Change your category order.

You have to select the required category from the dropdown and click on Update Category Order Type.

There are three types of Content Category Order as following:

1) Default: Default will the sequence that will work as a user will create a content category. 2) Alphabetic: The categories will be shown in frontend in an alphabetic order. 3) Custom: If this option is selected, user can rearrange the order of category easily by ising drag & drop feature.

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