Guidelines for Session Initialization

Guidelines for Session Initialization via the Base Configs API

We initiate our session using the Base Configs API endpoint (/api/base/configs). This API call expects certain parameters to be passed in the query string to optimize session creation and management.

Below are the mandatory and latest values for the query parameters:

  • app_name: Specifies the application initiating the session. Valid values are:

    • android_app

    • ios_app

    • tvos_app

    • smarttv_app

    • androidtv_app

    • web_app

    • roku_app

  • device_type: Describes the user's device. Acceptable values include:

    • desktop

    • mobile

    • tablet

    • tv

    • vr

    • chromecast

  • app_version: Denotes the version of the application, if relevant. It defaults to 1.0 if not specified.

  • app_identifier: A unique identifier for the app, typically in the format web.{PLATFORM_NAME}.vodlix, unless specified otherwise.

  • device_name: Specifies the name of the user's device. If not provided, it is automatically detected.

  • browser: Represents the browser used, applicable for web sessions. It identifies the browser, such as 'chrome', 'firefox', 'safari', etc. If not specified, it's automatically detected.

  • browser_version: Provides the version of the browser used. If not specified or detectable, it defaults to 123.

  • os: Indicates the operating system of the device, such as 'windows', 'android', 'ios', etc. If not specified, it's automatically detected.

  • os_version: Provides the version of the operating system, formatted as a float. If not specified, it's detected and converted from a format like "10_3_1" to "10.3.1".

It's essential to ensure all parameters are correctly passed for accurate session initialization and efficient tracking. This facilitates the system in providing a personalized user experience and better analytics.

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