How to put a live streaming link

Admin user or moderator can get the live streaming link in the required format and insert the link in the system.

To offer live streaming through Vodlix, the following steps are required. - Go to admin panel dashboard - Go to the Content Management module > Manage Videos/Content - Click on Add Videos to directly add live streaming Link

- Set the title, description, and all the required meta fields. - Make the status of the video successful - Put the live streaming link in the Live field (Link must be in HTTPS format) - Click on the Live radio button to enable live streaming for the video - Update video details and the live streaming would appear on the front end

- Change the thumbs and logo of the relevant channel by clicking the thumbs section

- Publish the video so it can be accessible for the end-users at the frontend.

This is how the Live streaming would show on the frontend.

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