Guidelines for Implementing Stats

This document provides a comprehensive guide for implementing user statistics.

Valid Events

  • Impression

  • Start

  • View

  • Playback

  • Finish

How to Track Events


  • When a user opens the content details, log this as an "Impression."

Start and View

  • If the video starts from the beginning, log a "Start" event.

  • When the video plays for almost 5 seconds, log a "View" event.

  • If the video is resumed, don't log "Start" or "View."


  • Every 10 seconds watched, log a "Playback" event.

  • Don't count skipped time.

  • If the user goes back, just log the time they actually watched. For example, if they watch 40 seconds, go back to 45 seconds, and log 5 seconds as "Playback."


  • If the user watches 95% of the video, log a "Finish" event.

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