Installation and Setup Guide for Vodlix

To get started with Vodlix, follow these steps to install and set up the system:

  1. Extract the Vodlix zip file to the root directory of your server.

  2. Install MongoDB 4.4 and Python 3 on your server. Refer to the Readme.txt file in the main directory > processors folder for detailed instructions.

  3. Create a MySQL database and restore it from the default DB file.

  4. Go to the API folder and run the composer install command.

  5. Copy .env.example and rename it as .env.

  6. Update the .env file with your MySQL and MongoDB details.

  7. Run the following command in the API folder: ./vendor/bin/phinx status. If everything is up, you're good to go. Otherwise, run ./vendor/bin/phinx migrate.

  8. Go back to the main directory.

  9. Go to the includes folder and copy the dbconnect.php.sample file to dbconnect.php.

  10. Go to the frontend folder and run the yarn install command.

  11. Create localConfigs.js file and add the following code:

export default {
  title: "Vodlix",
  axios: {
    baseURL: ""
  env: {
    apiUrl: ""
  server: {
    port: 3000,
    host: ""

Note: Replace with your domain name and change the port if you want to run on any other port.

  1. Run the yarn build command in the frontend folder.

  2. Once the build is generated, run the following command:

pm2 start yarn --interpreter bash --name "APP NAME" -- start

Replace APP NAME with your domain or something else. 14. Go to the main directory > vodlix_player and run the following commands:

npm install && grunt

These steps will help you install and set up Vodlix on your server. If you encounter any issues, refer to the documentation or contact our support team for assistance.

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